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The little sister of adjacent of _ of physiology of appearance _ sex when the female below detailed introduction reachs a climax net of _ neighbor doctor

Undertake together when the person that love each otherSexual loveWhen, orgasm is the action that both sides is pursueing, especially the female’s orgasm, once female occurrence orgasm meets a man bring very powerful stimulation and excited sense, after all the apogee that this showed to the female arrived at sexual love not only, also showed the actual strength of own sexual love, but a lot of males do not know the pattern of female climax, thereby unintelligible also whether had reached a climax to the female, the appearance introduction when female orgasm comes below falls.

Neighbor doctor net / make love

1, before orgasm comes, skin of the part on the body meets someone occurrence sex blush. As a result of,this is haemal reapportion, the blood inside body flows to body watch abruptly, bring about hypodermic the result that simple table blood-vessel congests. Sexual blush basically appears in face ministry, prothorax ministry, breast, next systemic skin appears likely also bloodshot phenomenon.

2, occurrence flesh is nervous. Because muscle is stimulant heighten, appeared systemic part sarcous flesh is nervous, never contract to regularity at will. When orgasm, can appear muscle convulsion appearance is contractive, main show is hand, sufficient convulsion, face twist or body twist.

3, breath, heartbeat is accelerated. As a result of the excitement of central nervous system, blood pressure is elevatory, muscle is contractive, what oxygen metabolizes is accelerate, increase to aerobic demand, breath of as a result, heartbeat is accelerated. When orgasm, breathing frequency can be amounted to 40 times / cent, accompany sometimes the groan; heartbeat that has rhythm increases / cent, individual woman is as high as 150-160 even second / cent.

4, mammary occurrence tit erects reaction. Fiber of the flesh inside mammary organization appears not to contract at will, blood-vessel congests, harden since tit vertical stroke. Once achieve orgasm, mammary skin red heat, lacteal dizzy strut is more apparent.

Female orgasm, have diversity commonly, an investigation analysis that concerns climax of female of age Fu of 936 married Yo shows, orgasm distributes 8 kinds of common only kinds: Vaginal systole, warm flow pattern of the whole body, the whole body shakes model, electric current is passed model, be laughing and playing is orgiastic model, wave wave enter the space model, groan uneasiness, drunk wine is hazy model.

Some show appear at the same time for double type, 3 types, 4 types etc. Among them with double kind, only kind is see at most, occupy about 66% , and great majority (the show that takes 88%) to there is hug each other in the climax about. Of course, also have 10% ~ among them the woman of 12% never has appeared climax, the woman of about 5% has pleasure only and without climax; the woman of about 7% does not have pleasure already, do not have a climax again.

Occurrence climax of the female in sexual love is very happy thing, this is far many what than a man occurrence climax is close friends, especially a lot of females also do not know whether she entered a climax, so today’s article hopes to be helped somewhat to you.

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