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Exciting clitoris can make a female easier achieve net of doctor of neighbor of _ of little sister of adjacent of _ of physiology of orgasm _ sex

Exciting clitoris can make a female easier achieve orgasm, both sides of husband and wife longs to get orgasm, but the demand with the high sex that the female achieves wants far big with the male, but discover in a research, exciting clitoris can make a female easier achieve orgasm. Be really so such? Understand together below.

Scientific group published a great research about feminine orgasm to report recently. Italian sex M.d. Vinson? Pu Bo (Vincenzo Puppo) and Zhu Li inferior? Pu Bo (the research that Giulia Puppo) passes through anatomy, embryology, discover most woman is met far from the climax gets in entering type sexual behavior, of feminine orgasm ” the key ” it is vagina of clitoris and rather than actually. This research result not only can help a man more know how please spouse, also let worry about the men of two or more generations of early problem, loosened at a heat.

Scientific group of climax of female to sparking human nature ” the key ” all the time controversy endlessly. In October date publishs ” clinical anatomy (CLINICAL ANATOMY) ” in periodical, dr. Pu Bo publishs research report to point out, the penis of feminine clitoris and man is tectonic and similar, former it is the share that feminine body can call sexual desire most. The clitoris that wants exciting woman only appears ” endure with all one’s might ” phenomenon, the woman can get a climax.

Pu Bo emphasizes, major woman can be in far from the climax gets in entering type sexual behavior, so, those feel the woman that is less than a climax from the vagina in sexual behavior, need not self-abased also need not think oneself are sick, and so called G is nodded (passional and sensitive dot) , vaginal climax, all be not the exact wording that describes feminine orgasm.

This considers to point out at the same time, because vaginal climax does not exist, the duration that so the penis makes love in the vagina, whether experience orgasm with the woman and do not have associated sex. Accordingly, the time that past sex medicine makes love with the vagina only will regard the method that measures disease of man premature ejaculation and cure as the idea, the likelihood also wants readjust.

Pu Bo’s bold even make conclusionsing says, this word can put premature ejaculation in far from, because want both sides of male and female to get orgasm and contented feeling only, sexual behavior calculates satisfactory; and in fact, the man is passed through include to touch, the other blame such as the kiss enters type sexual behavior, can make a woman achieve orgasm likewise, so, the sexual dysfunction problem on alleged without what body.

Exciting clitoris can make a female easier achieve orgasm. Both sides has orgasmSexual loveJust be perfect, learn these result methods, throughSexual lifequality.

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