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Should give the sex with what kind of adolescent to teach _ family to teach net of doctor of neighbor of _ of _ adjacent little sister

The idea was in everybody’s sex early to produce change a long time ago, resemble be being guarded in that way before no longer, become opener however, more optional. Accordingly, a lot of peopleSexual life, what look to the influence of a person is so not heavy also. Even, when some parents are teaching the child, won’t too care when to impart to the child sexual knowledge is appropriate, however, want the child to want to understand only, can make simple introduction to them at any time.

And thought of this kind of education, to the child growing have adverse effect. So, what kind of sex education is just reasonable, and effective?

Above all, the importance that should understand the gender is taught

In light of the current situation with respect to our country, sexual education of the child basically originates two respects, it is the education of the school, this kind of education is to give the child to explain simply, the knowledge of sexual physiology respect, those who solve them to arise to physiology change respect is interrogative. And the 2nd, it is domestic education, domestic education is the child the most important in growing, also have the education of the most influential force.

Next, how to have education

In domestic education, need in hand key, understand the education that should make which field to the child ahead of schedule, and teach them what sex knowledge is waited a moment. The most important sex that teachs the child how to control his namely is actuation, how to control this kind of impulse because of what do not understand, and cause serious consequence.

Still have a very important gender knowledge, teach the child how to satisfy his sexual desire through masturbating namely, and a “ should master to spend ” when masturbate, because masturbation is excessive,do not want, and bring about appeared the phenomenon of male sexual dysfunction.

If be a girl, remind them to want to know self-love even, do not have too intimate contact with the opposite sex, once have sex, can produce very adverse effect to the body of themselves.

The final, content that is sexual education

Current socially a lot of disharmonious phenomena, and having one share is to come from at the school. Go up from the network, or we can understand in news, total meeting has a student to follow the undeserved concern between the teacher in campus. Dispute of this kind of phenomenon often goes against the child to develop, difference exists on the age after all, from inside such feeling, the thing that we can acquire is very few. And more it is harm, so, when teaching the child, want to be made from thought job, want to restrain their behavior not only, teach them even what relation is abnormal, be not agreed with by everybody.

Altogether, to teenage education, it is the teacher’s responsibility not just, also be parental responsibility. When teaching the child, we want hour set an example. Passing oneself expression to let the child realise what sexual behavior is correct, what is shocking.

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