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Male filling kidney is very crucial have these things more crucial – 1-1 – flying Hua Jiankang net

Nowadays this material society, standard of living rises, kidney empty is opposite nowadays is widespread presence the man, but the harm of kidney empty is very big, it endangered our body not just, still can cause problem of the feeling after marriage of husband and wife, affect bisexual harmony even. Accordingly, filling kidney was become now heat topic. So why to want filling kidney, where is the importance of filling kidney, eat what ability filling kidney, is not to follow blindly from. Next we understand why to mix eat what filling kidney.

Why to want filling kidney

The doctor of traditional Chinese medicine tells ” kidney to be a priori this, lienal for this acquired ” , lienal change the Shui Gu that eats and drink everyday for carry, turn essence of life into small matter, will raise congenital kidney with this, if eat bad, can cause shortage of choice small material, make will raise a priori the day after tomorrow. Plus the descent of all sorts of diseases, the occurrence with kidney inevitable empty. Kidney empty makes sexual function and sexual life can get very big impact, as time passes, people kidney empty, especiallyKidney deficiency of yangWithImpotentConnection rose.

This also is in ancient time the doctor of traditional Chinese medicine emphasizes “Filling kidneyThe cause of Zhuang Yang ” is in. Kidney can discharge poison, that is the view of Western medicine. And the view that filling kidney is a doctor of traditional Chinese medicine then. Filling kidney says from the doctor of traditional Chinese medicine’s theory, that advantage but much, because kidney is this ” of the ” a priori of human body, kidney can decide the person’s life, decide the health of human body, birth is concerned with kidney, concern with reproductive system not just. Especially old people is mostlyKidney empty, should fill more kidney.

Eat what filling kidney

The first kind is yam, yam has be good at the effect of kidney of firm of lienal beneficial lung, strong energy. Decoct soup is taken or modulation yam congee, can fill kidney beneficial essence, astringent or styptic treatment for spontaneous sweating stops involuntary discharge of urine, often edible can prevent and cure impotent, Premature ejaculation, seminal emission, leg is soft.

The 2nd kind is medlar, medlar is strong choice solid kidney, solid earths up the former, drug that fights consenescence to feed originally raise with article. According to modern medicine research, medlar is contained a variety of must amino acid, can make the body strong. Spirit of benefiting energy of to be taken orally, powerful and prosperous this world. Egg of sparrow flesh, sparrow: Sparrow flesh reachs spadger flesh, have the effect of essence of Zhuang Yang beneficial. Can treat the disease such as kidney empty, lumbago, impotent, premature ejaculation, sterility.

The 3rd kind is to eat lotus seed, lotus seed has the filling skin acerbity bowel, effect that raises new firm kidney. Modern medicine studies, lotus seed is contained in lotus seed the composition such as candy of alkaline, lotus seed, the content of calcic, phosphor, iron is quite rich also, it is convergent and strong healthy food, often eat can treat lienal long have diarrhoea.

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