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Eat sweet food not the world of cate of little skill _ of get fat

Eat sweet food not the little skill of get fat

2016-12-01 15:03:57

A lot of people like to eat sweet food, but worry about get fat again. So, how to eat sweet food won’t get fat? Below, small make up introduce a few to eat sweet food to everybody not the skill of get fat.

1, the 20-30 before midday dinner minute eat a desert first

From absorb dextrose to need 20-30 roughly to generation serum element minute. Additional, blood sugar rises the brain center of bellyful of the administer inside can exciting head, this process also should spend 20-30 about minute.

Accordingly, if eating prandial before 2 0 – 3 0 minute eat a desert, as it happens can produce serum element and satiated move in prandial time, prevent what pressure causes to eat and drink too much.

2, the desert that chooses 50-80 card

The body gets from serum element optimal cure heals the deal of the effect, get stuck for 50-80 about. Although the word is such, also do not haggle over every ounce to quantity of heat, the result that can want to achieve with sweetmeat law reducing weight instead so runs in the opposite direction.

In addition, want edible to contain saccharic wait for the sweetmeat that can be changed into dextrose, ability helps serum element generate, calculate otherwise satiate also cannot produce contented move.

3, collocation drinks many water

Eat sweetmeat to drink many water at the same time, can help add satiated touch, prevent a gluttony then. Among them the bleb water effect with having candy is optimal. Additionally optional also choose has bitter coffee, black tea or green tea. Of these beverage acrid, can reveal the sweet taste of sweetmeat, exalt the contented feeling that had sweet food then.

4, fructose replaces cane sugar

Although say fructose and cane sugar,can cause fat, but fructose is sweeter, of fructose sweet spend a value to be close to normally 200, and sucrose has 100 to control only, differ about one times. The dosage that this also means you is OK and fewer, still can achieve better result.

The quantity of heat of fructose and cane sugar is about the same, but fructose changeover compares sucrose into adipose speed slow, mean you to more time go metabolizing it.

Fructose of He Ping of fluid of glue of honey, bee is very common fructose, bake cake when you or when music is strange, flat do not put again saccharic, change put a few honey or malic candy, do not have local color one time.

5, ramble shop of additive agent for food

If you love sweet food, if your weight exceeds bid, if you cannot control your candy spoon, so you can go shop of additive agent for food turns. Use as of sweet taste agent sweet chrysanthemum candy and sweet element, sweet spending often is sucrose is severalfold, and belong to plant extraction, won’t cause to the body damage.

And the sweet taste of xylose alcohol is downier, sweet spend and sucrose comparatives. These ” acting candy ” the raw material that can make a desert at ordinary times as us.

Although they are very sweet, but quantity of heat is almost however 0, chemistry also differs completely with candy, need not worry to after eating, can gain flesh so, need not fear it has to the tooth more damage.

Sweet taste agent suits to make jelly, pudding more, perhaps boil make can, mouthfeel and sweet smell are nicer than candy.

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