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Season of go on a journey idle away in seeking pleasure is relaxed the world of cate of thin body _

Season of go on a journey idle away in seeking pleasure is relaxed thin body

2012-03-13 11:56:34

In March season of go on a journey idle away in seeking pleasure is relaxed thin body

[Introduction]Spring is the good time of go on a journey. So during this, the MM that reducing weight people the idle away in seeking pleasure in how wanting not to allow amuse oneself procedure not Where is process of be a burden on reducing weight? This is about to stress secret of success.

Season of go on a journey idle away in seeking pleasure is relaxed thin body

Eat: Time is right, collocation is scientific

It is to choose to have a meal suitably above all time. Ka Di of collect accept · studies American medicine home think, “Have a meal the choice of time, to the increase and decrease of weight, the several huge amounts that should absorb food than human body and quality are more important. ” because, the metabolic state of human body is different inside a day of different time. Say commonly, after rising from the morning, metabolic gradually exuberant, in the morning at 8 o’clock ~12 o’clock reach highest peak. Accordingly, the person that reduce weight can shift to an earlier date mealtime, breakfast arrangement is before 6 o’clock, lunch arrangement was controlled at 10 o’clock, can get favorable result reducing weight. Still have, if have evening,the dot can arise above quota energy, it is easy that the rest energy turns to rise for adipose save up get fat. Before sleeping so 3 hours of less than do not have pron any thing is optimal method reducing weight, special attention does not drink, the flesh kind food.

New law reducing weight is to be in daily the scientific supplement food in 3 eat, for example, butter kind fast adipose food can make human body adipose increase and get fat, however new science considers to discover, although eat below 5 kilograms of cream, weight also won’t increase, the problem depends on cannot eating the biscuit, potato, rice food that contains carbohydrate at the same time.

Suggest each eat includes following content:

100 grams lean lean or fowl or fish or sea product; One pannikin Chinese cabbage; Half thin toast; An apple or orange.

Can add without caloric dressing, wait like lemon juice or vinegar, the salt that increases moderate amount or peppery. Drink is right amount coffee or tea. Cannot replace afore-mentioned food with other edibles. The quantity of heat of this food cookbook is 1045 1000 anxious, round-the-clock 2090 1000 anxious.

Season of go on a journey idle away in seeking pleasure is relaxed thin body

Drink: Thin body soup, right amount tea

Thin body soup, basically be to carry the significant element in recovering natural part, come pare human body is redundant and adipose, adjust human body is metabolic. Tell from medical angle, have a poison to raise namely colour the summation of the natural flowers and plants that waits for effect, use the tea agent with fat pare. Its prescription has each not identical, add commonly have proper Chinese herbal medicine, have decrease adipose, reduce the effect such as exhaustion of cholesterol, dispel. No matter be prandial kind, still be Chinese herbal medicine kind, have clear hot relieve internal heat or fever mostly, discharge the effect that poison reduces weight, and very safe without side-effect. To those not very fat, for the urbanite that lacks time and location, it is a kind of better things reducing weight.

In addition, drink tea to also can reduce weight. Of course, also do not drink at will. Want to know to drink what tea, still must know how to be drunk, when ability is helpful. If be aimed at,decrease heavy, had better drink hot tea, do not add candy, do not impose grandma fine, or add acting candy only. The effect of citric tea is very good also, not only thin body, and contain a lot ofvitamin C, very effective to preserving skin tension and flexibility. Lemonade is OK satisfy one’s thirst and diluent the desire that wants to have a thing, because this can restrain undeserved food effectively. What want an attention nevertheless is, had better not drink on meal after horse, lie between 1 hour of after more appropriate. Drink tea to also want right amount according to individual constitution, if drink tea party to make you uncomfortable, like gastralgia, or sleep to be not written become aware, still had better be stop where it should stop.

Season of go on a journey idle away in seeking pleasure is relaxed thin body

Play: Climb bad news can

Auspicious spring scenery, the passengers that go on a journey plays outside, what should not miss is all sorts of good land of our motherland of course. Climb attribute movement having oxygen, can make muscle is obtained than ever tower above the oxygen of 10 times, the protein grow in quantity that makes blood medium, increase immune cell amount, enhance immune power, make the seasonable eduction such as the carcinogenic substance inside body, harmful material, toxin. Climb promoting metabolism while, still can accelerate adipose use up, because this still has the effect of model body. According to determining, with horary the speed of 2 kilometers is on the hillside ascend 30 minutes, the energy that waste is 500 kilocalorie about, be equivalent to swimming 45 minutes or do 50 minutes of as dry as a chip exercises repeatedly in gym.

A knapsack, a mood, enough. Or alone, or two 3 accompany, beautiful scenery is admired in the mountain forest of fresh green, breathe fresh air, the bird caw with ringing listen respectfully, appreciate the conquer with general view numerous small hill to feel…

Season of go on a journey idle away in seeking pleasure is relaxed thin body

Happy: Shop loosen

Happy, namely happy. Want happy, those who had done just is for the moment puts down all burdens in the heart to play. Respecting plays, be to shop above all of course. Shopping actually is a kind of very good motion having oxygen. Little criterion 9 hours, many 34 hours, such keeping that ambulate can increase leg ministry power, deplete put oneself in another’s position inside redundant quantity of heat. Dress up beautifully, make an appointment with on 35 friendly friend people a street of very pleased with oneself go. All the way everybody says josh laugh to the top of one’s bent, when walking, place place an arm, now and then those who crouch to see the ground spread out is small act the role of article, this is really what reduced an arm already is adipose, activity bones and muscles. Of course, ramble bazaar when, not lazy with shopping car, want to carrying your captured equipment with the hand, and curve an arm from time to time, the arm line that can allow you is more perfect. If still have energy and time,rambled, might as well around ballroom jumps a dance of what, pop-up can decrease 266 calorie 45 minutes.

Open a window, looking already apathetic by modelling green, the body and mind of fatigue for a long time, still cannot cast off fetters and handcuffs. Right now, torpid at city whether did you have a kind to feel wearily, and gradually whether is thick the awaken of spring, beautiful spring scenery also an impulse that teases your heart? Go. Hope everybody while idle away in seeking pleasure is happy, thin also faster, more beautiful, more healthy.

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