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Take ” do not eat fat ” the airliner goes eating the sea to drink why! _ cate the world

Take ” do not eat fat ” the airliner goes eating the sea to drink why!

2016-09-19 13:52:13

To control weight, be like what you think of above all is ” be on a diet ” , that asks you to go first corner side wall has thought of 3 minutes.

“Do not eat fat ” small make up should tell you: Eating is thin ~ namely more

The welcome is taken ” do not eat fat ” airliner, accordingly ” do not eat fat ” prandial nutrition expert together, fly to moustache to eat the sea to drink also the next year of beautiful Da of beauty of can thin thin Da. . . . . .

Most person reduces alimental in the metropolis in the process that be on a diet gross and always kind, although these two kinds of means are in theoretic in can controlling food 3 produce greatly can nutriment (basically be carbohydrate, adipose) absorb, but aeriform in also meet those who restrict other nutriment absorb — for instance high grade albumen, micronutrient, still have prandial thread, and these nutriment, they are having the corresponding effect that cannot replace in process reducing weight, had them, take money people can unlock eat, still eat not fat!

>> > " do not eat fat " guideline of poor beautiful flight number one:

[high grade albumen] the body that invites you is formed ” easy thin constitution ” , combustion is adipose easier

Some of friend reducing weight does not touch staple food not only, do not touch even the flesh. They know the flesh kind contain a lot ofprotein, and protein also contains energy (4kcal/g) , can restrict so. However the fact is, if the body is serious lack is protein, basal metabolis rate of the person will fall apparently, bring about adipose be decomposed hard, form easily ” easy fat difficult thin ” constitution. After calculating, be on a diet again, eat again less, very difficult also thin go down, and should eat more a little only a bit, weight can rebound.

>> > " do not eat fat " guideline of poor beautiful flight number 2:

[vitamin of B a group of things with common features] help strength adipose combustion, they are indispensable

Adipose want to decompose with starch, should pass ” biology oxidizes ” process. This process need is very much enzymatic will help, and these are enzymatic need all sorts of vitamins to serve as them again complementary enzymatic will help. Decompose take the starch that go in (do not let it become adipose store rise) the help that needs vitamin B1, and inside cent disintegrate adipose need vitamin the help of B2, pantothenic acid, nicotinic acid, these belong to a micronutrient a member in vitamin of B a group of things with common features. If lacked these, starch may become adipose store rise, and adipose do not have law oxidation combustion again, the eye sees the fat of another Tuo of one Tuo mounts girth, not awkward?

>> > " do not eat fat " guideline of poor beautiful flight number 3:

[prandial fiber] those who decrease to be absorbed to enter the body is adipose

Prandial fiber because its special element structure, because this is inside gastric bowel path OK and adsorptive part is adipose, reduce the body to be opposite thereby adipose absorption. A kind of any food are not contained impossibly adipose, how much be adipose content only just. Prandial fibrous exists, can affect the body to be opposite the adipose final uptake in food.

Cite a case, it is two contain the meal with 30 adipose grams likewise, among them one contains prandial fiber, and another is done not have, edible of the person that take food contains prandial fibrous that one meal, the adipose meeting that its body absorbs actually from inside this meal is less than 30 grams — because have a share adipose be absorbed by prandial fiber, form cake cake by eduction body outside oh ~

>> > " do not eat fat " guideline of poor beautiful flight number 4: ” eating is little namely more “

Visible, be on a diet blindly, controlling weight can be just the opposite to what one wished instead on this thing. Control weight needs filling nutrition, you still are inferior to taking a place more. “Take a place more ” means, absorb in what control total energy below, assure the source of high grade albumen, increase micronutrient and prandial fibrous to absorb appropriately, just won’t let reduce weight become ” weak ” .

>> > so, how can be we done?

“Do not eat fat ” poor beautiful flight number is exclusive the formula takes you thin beauty takes you to fly

1, compensatory and high grade albumen, do not reject meat or fish to feed

Lean lean kind, aquatic product kind, grandma kind, legume goods contains a lot ofhigh grade albumen. Assure everyday each egg, the pure milk of a bag of 250 milliliter (also can choose defatted grandma) , 150 grams lean lean (hydrous product) , if can complement conditionally a few bean products (soya-bean milk, bean curd, dried bean milk cream in tight rolls) , for instance the soya-bean milk of 500 milliliter, or 100 grams bean curd, or 50 grams do dried bean milk cream in tight rolls.

2, care vegetable and coarse food grain

Most Xie Cai, coarse food grain is the good origin of vitamin of prandial fiber, B a group of things with common features, assure as far as possible everyday a jin of vegetable (conditional can eat a jin half) with 50 grams coarse food grain. The white rice of staple food can use meal of food grains other than wheat and rice, or corn, potato kind replace, in same energy absorb below can obtain more prandial fine peace keeping vitamin of B a group of things with common features, buy power to reduce weight, not beautiful?

3, avoid cook of high temperature much oil to had been reached long Shui Chao

Dietetics experiment makes clear, high temperature cook can destroy many B a group of things with common features the folic acid in the vitamin and pantothenic acid. And the vitamin that vitamin of B a group of things with common features is water-solubility, too long Shui Chao, loss it may be said is not little. In addition, much oilier cook can let originally the instant of vegetable quantity of heat with very low quantity of heat turns over times, the loss outweights the gain.

4, reject undesirable habits and customs

If you are fat person, have these bad habits again at the same time: Smoking, drink or stay up late. Good, your project reducing weight will be harder and harder. These bad habits

5, take prandial replenishers moderately

Usually, we do not advocate the nutriment that replaces a day of 3 eat to need with compensatory body place with prandial replenishers. But if you are to often be away on official business outer special crowd, 3 eat nutrition hard balanced (the working eat with low class, the bubble surface on the train) , of bring into contact with often is tall grease of tall carbon water and vegetable fruit is little little, below this kind of circumstance, prandial replenishers appears very necessary, compound B a group of things with common features vitamin, water-solubility is prandial fiber, can have very good complement on certain level.

The popularity in circle reducing weight wears so a word: “Tubal Pull in your ears! , stride a leg. Drill 3 minutes, eat 7 minutes. ” visible, can eat, eat it is right, good to eat, to reducing weight for quite beneficial, also be Chongzhongzhi’s heavy one annulus at the same time. So, begin from today, follow ” do not eat fat ” APP, do eater of a meeting!

Note: The food intake quantity that recommends in the article all is born for food heavy.

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