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How should rare fruit accurate mother have? _ cate the world

How should rare fruit accurate mother have?

2012-02-07 13:38:24

OutsidePi Youhou hard, hear go up frowziness Durian, the faint scent that has an apple, tine after feeding is buccal stay fragrant lotus mist, fruit of firedrake of low adipose, tall fiber, low caloric… these scarce at ordinary times or rare fruits, can accurate mother have? How should eat?

Before two days, the colleague of LILY is away on official business go Hainan, brought back a big Durian to LILY, saying is local has talk ” a Durian 3 chicken ” , it is first-rate fruit of take a tonic to build up health, must let LILY eat. But, after LILY comes home Durian belt, the family member does not agree to let her take the plunge however, because LILY has been pregnant 3 many months, in case the fruit that this had not eaten has what side effect, the influence with bad what can do to fetal generation?

Now, the advantage with current substance makes very much before scarce fruit can be bought everywhere got, but, want to say how to eat, accurate mother should have, how much should eat, really rare still person knows! The proposal that still listens to nutrient expert!

Durian: The gender is hot and dry should feed less

Durian is arbor of fallen leaves of ceiba division tropics, produce southeast Asia formerly, can arouse controversy so like Durian without a kind of any fruits again: Somebody praises it is slippery the fat that be like a grandma, tine is buccal stay sweet, C

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