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Pregnant mammy eats sea fish to be able to reduce the world of depressed _ cate

Pregnant mammy eats sea fish to be able to decrease depressed

2012-02-07 13:39:44

A new research makes clear, pregnant mammy eats a fish to be able to reduce antenatal or postpartum melancholy.

Because they can be obtained,one kind is called Ω , the nurture of 3 fatty acid. This material is in marine fish (especially salmon, tuna, pilchard and herring fish) in content is richer.

Take cod-liver oil to also can complement this kind of material.

Researcher discovers to the analysis of 11721 England woman, pregnant woman the Ω that in gravid end 3 months absorb from inside sea fish, 3 fatty acid are more, their pregnancy reachs postpartum happening depressed risk is less.

Joseph says, because worry about the cause of mercuric pollution, pregnant woman had better eat sea fish capacity control to be in 12 ounce / . Consider to make clear, salmon, catfish, dried scallop and collect blame fish contain mercury lesser, there also is mercury in cod-liver oil.

Unfavorable excessive filling cod-liver oil mixes pregnant woman calcic

Some pregnant woman to make fetal health lively, take cod-liver oil and calcic qualitative provision in great quantities blindly. It is very adverse to growing fetally inside body so. Because of cod-liver oil of long-term and many edible and calcic qualitative food, can cause anorexia, skin scratchy, hair falls off, hypersensitive, pop-eyed, inadequacy of zymogen of the cruor in blood and obstacle of vitamin C metabolization. In the meantime, calcic chroma is exorbitant in blood, jelly of meeting occurrence muscle, vomiting and rhythm of the heart are wrong wait, these is opposite fetal growing do not have advantage. Some is fetal when be delivered of already bud teething tine, one may be the cause as a result of infantile precocity; Because pregnant woman is between gestation,another may be, take vitamin A and calcic preparation or the provision that contain calcium to pledge in great quantities, make fetal tooth follicular premature inside palace calcify and bud goes out. Accordingly, pregnant woman does not take a large number of cod-liver oil and calcic preparation at will. If need because of treating a disease, answer to be taken by doctor’s advice.

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