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Pregnant woman constipation eats banana canal to use more _ cate the world

Does pregnant woman constipation eat banana canal to use more

2012-02-07 13:44:58

Does pregnant woman constipation eat banana canal to use more?

Does pregnancy eat banana more won’t constipation?

Pregnancy constipation is the difficult problem that accurate mom often encounters, a lot of people think banana is embellish bowel, can alleviate costive symptom. But actually this is an error, only squashy banana ability has alleviate costive function, unripe banana eats too much to be able to accentuate instead constipation. Because, contain tannic acid more without squashy banana, action of block up digestive reachs since the meeting, restrain gastric bowel peristalsis. Additional, banana eats much cause accurate mom blood sugar easily also to lift, increase gravid diabetic odds.

Does pregnant woman constipation eat banana canal to use more

Why to meet constipation?

After the female is pregnant, below the influence that changes in endocrine hormone, placenta secretes many progestational hormone, make hydrochloric acid in gastric juice is secreted decrease, the muscle tension that gastric bowel drops reach sarcous peristaltic ability is abate. Such, make eat the time lengthen that the food that go in keeps in gastric bowel path, before cannot resembling pregnant outside body of normal in that way eduction.

Have again, in bowel as a result of food retention period lengthen, food is residual medium moisture is absorbed afresh by alvine wall cell again, cause excrement and urine to become work again hard, hard outside eduction body.

Still have after be pregnant, before the body activity of pregnant woman should compare pregnant, decrease, cause alvine path muscle to drive excrement and urine not easily to move outwards; Increscent uterus is formed to rectum again oppressive, make excrement and urine difficult with eduction; The muscle of wall of abdomen of together with pregnant woman becomes weak, press without enough abdomen when defecate drive. Accordingly, although pregnant woman had meaning, also contracted forcibly abdominal muscle, but accumulation still is discharged very hard in the excrement and urine in rectum go out.

Alleviate pregnant woman constipation 5 principles

The first, have food grains other than wheat and rice of vegetables and fruits more

Pregnant woman often because take food too careful and defecate is difficult, because this wants to be fed more,contain the vegetable with much cellulose, fruit and thick food grains other than wheat and rice, be like dish of celery, greenery, turnip, melon kind, apple, banana, pear, oaten, miscellaneous beans, unpolished rice.

The 2nd, time in the morning defecate

Mix every morning after dining every time appear the most easily meaning, among them with awaking in the morning defecate is best. Accordingly, after getting up first hollow drink a cup of warm boiled water or honey water, have breakfast again, promote the erect reflex after getting up and gastric colon reflex. Such, can arise very quickly meaning, insist for a long time to be able to form the good convention of morning defecate.

The 3rd, the attention waters skill

Notice to water more everyday, but should master the skill that water, although drank water,also do not have what effect surely otherwise. For instance, water in fixed time everyday, want water of big mouth is big ground, but not be crapulence, make water arrives at colon as soon as possible, is not very fast be draw blood by bowel. Such, can make excrement and urine becomes loose, outside easy eduction body.

The 4th, hold to mobile body everyday

When pregnant is terminal, regular meeting of a lot of pregnant woman because the body gradually cumbersome and lazy at the activity, so costive phenomenon is pregnant terminal more apparent. And the power of abdominal muscle systole that right amount motion can enhance pregnant woman, stimulative bowel path wriggles, prevent or relieve constipation. Accordingly, although pregnant woman is in when the body is increasingly heavy, also should do the exercise of in one’s power of a few bodies, if take a walk, proper light housework, in order to increase the defecate power that bowel.

The 5th, maintain invigoration

Reasonable arrangement job lives, assure sufficient rest and Morpheus, maintain good psychosis and upbeat life mood. Because vomiting is unwell,pregnant woman does not want feel and distracted, the state of mind of be agitated also can bring about constipation, might as well do a few interested things more, appreciation music, view is for instance beautiful, read etc, as far as possible evasive and undesirable spirit is exciting. Civil / Li Shuyuan

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