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Darling takes these sock more the world of cate of _ of easy head cold

Darling takes these sock more easy head cold

2013-11-09 11:40:49

We know, the bend over inside body has cold of diseases caused by external factors of hot evil together with, cause a cold very easily, outside cold the inducement that is cold generation only, “Inside fire ” the foundation that is cold of human body happening, this is common saying says ” inside fire is filled, the cold is unripe ” truth. And human body is caused in the Spring Festival ” inside fire ” main ” igneous cause ” it is the various snacks that people loves to eat. You but the dot that cannot look down upon and so on of these earthnut, melon seeds, their quantity of heat is very high, eat much also cause suffer from excessive internal heat. Plus spring ignore cold heat up suddenly, hard to avoid can get cold catch a cold, you say, such how can you get a cold? Look, although snacks is delicious, also cannot be without abstemious edible!

What kind of snacks lets person get angry easily? Work tasting basically is earthnut, melon seeds, jerk etc, delicacy is tasted basically is litchi, longan, pomegranate wait. Additional, candy and stodge also can be brought about inside fire is exuberant. These snacks should eat less. You do not have even if during the Spring Festival head cold, also can take a few inside the medicaments of clear fire poison will prevent a cold, in order to ensure you can install the Spring Festival that a person’s mind crosses to be isolated from with the cold.

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