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The child has orange to prevent the world of myopic _ cate more

The child has orange to prevent myopia more

2013-11-09 11:39:54

One, urban child lutein is absorbed little

 In last few years, domestic classics development studied western dietetics to reveal this one truth eventually. Myopic before happening and a kind the name is ” xanthophyll ” nutrient material has been absorbed matter less greatly.

 Xanthophyll is belonged to ” kind carotene ” , it is mixed in fresh green vegetable orange kind the content in the fruit is higher. According to scientist research, xanthophyll is right in retina ” Huang Ban ” have significant protection effect, if lack xanthophyll,cause Huang Ban easily to degrade to blur with eyesight.

Make the child much eat orange to be able to prevent myopia 

2, eat orange to prevent eyesight to degrade more

 Because rural child eats to collect the green vegetable that come directly from the ground everyday, reason lutein intake is very sufficient. And urban child eats food of high protein, tall nutrition normally, eat fresh green vegetable rarely, reason lutein intake should compare rural child to be gotten less accordingly much. This causes eyesight of urban and rural children namely the main reason of vast difference.

 Because of this, dietetics home suggests: Should eat orange more everyday kind fruit, prevent eyesight to degrade.

 I think we carry the problem above we can know to eat orange more kind the fruit can help our child prevent myopia namely, but the child to us, we still should notice orange cannot of edible excessive.

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