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3 kinds of simple darling complementary feed delicious fill again the world of calcic _ cate

3 kinds of simple darling complementary feed delicious fill again calcic

2017-02-20 13:15:46

Since darling begin to eat complementary after feeding, mom always think all sorts of way, want to be done to darling delicious of nutrition complementary feed. Small today make up everybody to introduce 3 kinds complementary feed, do very simple, and still eat to still fill calcic.

Bone noodles in soup

Raw material: Tibial or pig or ox are spinal 200 grams, dragon needs 5 grams, green vegetables number of vinegar of a few of 50 grams, refined salt, rice drips.

Practice: Smash bone, put into cold water to use infusion of medium baking temperature, the vinegar that add rice drinks after boil, continue to boil 30 minutes; Abandon bone, take clear soup, in needing dragon boiling water of the to the marrow below the face, in adding abluent, mincing green vegetables boiling water, boil to look familiar; Add salt to be become namely.

Nutrition comments on: Bone soup contains a lot ofcalcium, contain a lot ofat the same time protein, adipose, carbohydrate, iron, phosphor and a variety of vitamins, the calcium of complement of baby of 1 year old of above that can grow quickly to be in pledges and iron, prevent cartilage disease and anaemia.

Piscine food rice is burnt

Raw material: Ground rice (or sucker cake) , each 15-25 overcomes cruelly oppress and green vegetables, salt a few.

Practice: Drink ground rice the leach that add Qing Dynasty is soft, agitate is paste, enter boiler, boil of flourishing baked wheaten cake makes an appointment with 8 minutes; Will after green vegetables, cruelly oppress is abluent, respectively chop mud enters boiler in all in, add is boiled to cruelly oppress squashy, after flavorring, become namely.

Nutrition comments on: Calcium is contained a lot ofin cruelly oppress, can promote baby to grow stature not only, add a brick to add tile for skeletal development, still can promote cerebral growth, contented body is right the demand of a variety of nutriment, might as well the good-for-nothing or queer character that often gives 4 months above is done a few eat.

Dried small shrimps breaks dish is wrapped

Raw material: Dried small shrimps 5 grams, a variety of Chinese cabbage 50 grams, egg 1, initiative flour, trifling dressing.

Practice: With Wen Shui dried small shrimps after abluent bubble is soft, cut extremely brokenly, join break up to fry ripe egg; A variety of Chinese cabbage is abluent iron slightly, also cut extremely brokenly, with the egg tone becomes stuffing material; From become reconciled of leaven dough pink, the bag becomes small steamed stuffed bun, on basket evaporate is ripe become namely.

Nutrition comments on: Dried small shrimps contains rich calcium, phosphor, after quick-boil of classics of a variety of Chinese cabbage is very hot but purify part oxalic acid, more be helpful for calcium be being absorbed in alvine path. The advantage of the egg need not say oneself, the baby of 10 months above can like the Xiaobao with this kind of sweet delicacy very much certainly child.

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